[toggle text=”Will these checks work with my bank?” initial=”none”]

In a short answer “yes”. All of our check partners checking products meet the requirements set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). They are all required to adhere to the same check printing standards your bank does.



[toggle text=”When ordering checks, what information do I need?” initial=”none”]

You will need your personal information, banking account number and the number you want your checks to start with. It is often easiest when re-ordering checks to have your last check in front of you as all required information will be on there. Check information must match your financial institutions records to be valid. If your information is not accurate your order processing will be delayed.



[toggle text=”What is the return policy on products?” initial=”none”]

Merchants will replace or refund any defective products. Any non-customized products usually fall under the standard 2-3 week return policy from date of purchase. Return shipping and restocking fees may apply. However, merchants generally are not responsible for customer typographical errors when ordering checks online.  Since all check manufacturers are different, always review individual return policies prior to ordering.



[toggle text=”What type of security features are offered on your checks?” initial=”none”]

Our check merchants offer industry standard security features including the lock and MP icons. The lock icon indicates to your bank or credit union that your check contains security information they can use to confirm it is an original check and not a copy.

The MP icon indicates that micro-printing is used within the design of the check deterring illegal check copying. This micro pattern breaks up when the check is photocopied which helps protect against check fraud. All checks also feature on the back, a panel describing the security features incorporated into the check. [/toggle]


[toggle text=” When I order online, is my banking information safe?” initial=”none”]

Online security has come a long way since the early days of the internet. Today, financial institutions offer state-of-the-art encryption technology to ensure all personal information processed online is 100% secure. The use of  secure socket layer (SSL) technology ensures your personal information is encrypted and readable by only authorized organizations.



[toggle text=”How can I be sure the merchants website is secure?” initial=”none”]

Rest assured we only represent reputable check merchants on our website. All of our merchants take personal and financial information security very seriously. Each of our partners are formally certified by third party security companies. These companies such as Veri-Sign, Global-Sign and McAfee assures the merchant is authentic and that all transactions are SSL encrypted.



[toggle text=”What are the benefits of using an online check ordering service?” initial=”none”]

It used to be that the only place you could order checks was through your bank. You were restricted to their limited check designs, high prices as well as the inconvenience of driving there to place your order. Online check ordering services offer you unlimited check designs at 50-70% off bank prices and the convenience to order and then have them delivered directly to your home.



[toggle text=”If I have a problem with my order who do I contact?” initial=”none”]

If you experience any problems with your order or have specific questions about an order, contact the check merchant you placed your ordered with. They will be able to help you resolve any issues you may have. Since Personal Checks Plus doesn’t process credit cards or fill check orders, we are unable to resolve any order related issues.





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