Personal Checks

Check Formats


We recognize that individuals have varying needs, which explains why you are provided with online personal checks and online business checks in a multitude of formats, allowing you to choose what is right for you.

You can choose from standard personal checks and payroll checks to desk checks and checks that you can run through your home or office printer to create a polished, high-end look that will make you proud.


From Payroll Checks and Printer Checks to Top Stub Checks and Side Tear Checks, the Best Selection is Here

Not sure exactly which format is right for you, take a look now at the formats we offer, including:

  • Standard Personal Checks
  • 3-Per-Page Draft Checks
  • Payroll Checks
  • Laser & Ink-Jet Checks
  • Continuous Feed Checks
  • Desk Set Checks
  • Top Stub Checks
  • Side Tear Checks

Of course, if you need assistance determining which format will work best for you, simply, let us know. We’ll be glad to help.

Top tear checks are the most popular check style as they are the most common. They’re easy to use, tear along the top of the check and come in single and duplicate formats.

Make your life easier with side tear checks! Side tear checks tear conveniently on the left side, which solves the dilemma of your check ripping across the top as you remove it from your checkbook. Enjoy the convenience and easy to tear perforation of single or duplicate side tear checks.

Do you need the organization of a business check stub yet prefer the size of a personal check? Then an order of desk set checks is the perfect choice. Available in quantities of 300, our 3-to-the-page desk set checks offer a stub on the left for recording transactions. Desk set checks are a great way to keep your balance up to date.

Top Stub Checks provide the perfect set up for recording your transactions on a one-up check format. These single-style personal checks are bound at the top and offer space for recording deposits, other transactions and a balance forward.


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