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Irish Setter Personal Checks

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The Irish setter – Fun and Energetic

The Irish setter is a nice natured and friendly dog. Usually confident with, and respectful of, everyone that he meets this dog is a great pet and companion. Popularity of the setter goes way beyond his working capabilities and he is a competent adversary in the show ring.

A great family dog, the setter would like to be in the midst of everything that is going on around him. He will greet guests to the home with joy and is most welcoming in fact the setter may well allow you to be burgled if the perpetrator offers an ear scratch in return for the family silver.
The Irish setter is humorous and sometimes you may feel that he is having a joke at your expense. This breed of dog will certainly amuse himself at your expense if not kept sufficiently, mentally and physically stimulated.

Because of his working roots the setter will need a good level of exercise in order to stay healthy and happy.

The Setters Role

The Irish setter is literally bred to locate birds during a hunt or shoot then “set” or freeze on location which will alert the hunters to the birds. The dog will use the keen sense of smell to locate the quarry. The setter moves with stealth and creeps cat like and in silence towards birds and other small animals alike, the modern day dog will usually show off this ability regularly.

When the dog has made the position of the birds apparent he will then stay completely still until released by his handler. This control is to stop the setter running into the line of fire.

Although rarely used in the field now the setter still maintains a lot of his previous behaviors plus the energy that he needed when he was fulfilling his previous role.

History of the Breed

The Irish setter does indeed originate in Ireland. He was bred as a field dog in the 1700’s and it is thought that he may share the bloodline of many similar breeds including;

  • English setter
  • Spaniels
  • Irish water spaniel
  • Gordon setter
  • Irish terriers

The setting dog was first documented in “Caius’s De Canibus Britannicus” as far back as the mid to late 1500’s where his ability was documented in great detail. The writings of this ancient encyclopedia describe a setting action perfectly. They state that the dog creeps forward in stealth, before quietly pointing the quarry to his handler.

The popularity of such an impressive field dog grew quickly and the Irish setter had spread around the United Kingdom by the early 1800’s. Still used as a working scent dog he continued to impress.

Development of the breed finely tuned the dog by accentuation of the setting behavior and in the 1800’s the first Irish setter were also imported into America. The dogs were imported initially in order to hunt and work in the field they were utilized to locate pheasant, partridge and woodcock amid other fowl.

Alongside their working success in America this was where the Irish setter saw his first notable success in the show ring. During the 1870’s a dog of the name Elcho was remarkably popular both in the field and dog show world.

During the early 1900’s the first red colored setter was bred in Ireland. The coat was a deep red and one solid block of color. This red setter was extremely popular in show circles. From this point through to the mid 1900’s Irish setters were seen winning far more in the dog show world than the working field.

In the present day The Irish setter is predominantly a companion and show dog which has in many cases been replaced in the working gundog world by other breeds including the pointer, spaniel and Labrador. He is a charming dog and because of this his success as a pet is unsurprising.

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