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Bullmastiff Personal Checks

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Bullmastiff: Guardian of the Home


Bred to guard estates and catch poachers, the bullmastiff is surprisingly sweet-natured with family and friends. Despite being a combination of mastiff and bulldog, the bullmastiff is a dog who is not easily provoked. Yet when the bullmastiff recognizes an intruder, his stubbornness and determination ensure that the interloper will long rue the day he crossed the bullmastiff’s path.

Poacher’s Adversary

Although the mastiff and the English bulldog are old breeds, the bullmastiff is a relatively recent breed. Large English estates that kept game often had to deal with poachers taking their game and livestock. At certain times in history, this was a crime punishable by death. Gamekeepers on the estates needed a dog that could be used to track down and overpower the poachers so that they could then be tried. The problem was that the dogs traditionally used were mastiffs, which were too slow, and bulldogs, which were too violent.

Gamekeepers began breeding a mix of the two, ultimately settling upon a 60/40 balance, with more of the mastiff to help reduce the aggressiveness of the bulldog. The result was the bullmastiff, a strong, powerful dog that is faster than the mastiff, but less likely to tear up the poachers. They could quietly track the poachers in the dark, and when the prey was sighted, they would charge forward and knock the intruder down and hold him down with their body weight and their jaws until the gamekeeper could arrive.

One dog was so successful at his work, that his owner began touring England with him, challenging people to outwit his dog. The aptly named Thorneywood Terror was highly skilled at tracking his prey. Anyone who dared take up the challenge was given a 10-minute head start into the forest. The only other handicap for Thorneywood Terror was the muzzle he wore to prevent the challengers from having a few puncture wounds. Although there were many challengers to Thorneywood, no one ever beat him.

The Soft Side

The bullmastiff isn’t used to guard against poachers any longer, but the breed still makes an excellent guard dog. Yet they don’t act indiscriminately. The bullmastiff is surprisingly docile, waiting until given a sign or command before asserting himself. When he is with his family and a stranger approaches, he will stand ready, but wait to see his owner’s reaction. If the stranger is welcomed, he will relax and welcome the person. If the owner does not welcome the stranger, then the bullmastiff will step between his owner and the stranger and react as necessary to keep his owner safe.

Overall, though, the bullmastiff is surprisingly docile and gentle. They are always alert, but they are not prone to barking excessively. They prefer to quietly observe and assess the situation. They are sensitive to their owner’s needs, and as a result, it is important for the owner to treat the dog positively and respectfully. In return, the dog offers absolutely loyalty.

Surprisingly, the bullmastiff does not require excessive exercise and can even do well as an apartment dog, provided he is given daily exercise. However, as with any large dog – and the bullmastiff weighs between 100 and 130 pounds – a home with a fenced yard is preferable. The bullmastiff is an intelligent dog, though, and will need interaction and mental stimulus on a daily basis. This is not a breed to be left outdoors all day. Additionally, they can be sensitive to the heat.

Family Dog

The bullmastiff’s protective nature makes him a wonderful family dog, even with children and other pets. It takes a lot to get the bullmastiff worked up, but he can be stubborn. The most important thing for anyone considering getting a bullmastiff is that they must have a fair but firm hand with the dog. You cannot be timid and inconsistent with a bullmastiff, or he will quickly become a handful. Yet with the right training, the bullmastiff is a dependable guardian and companion. Just be sure to leave him plenty of room to stretch out and drool.

  • During his time guarding against poachers, the bullmastiff was known as the Gamekeeper’s Night Dog.
  • The bullmastiff has a short, easy-maintenance coat that comes in fawn, red, or brindle coloring.
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt had a bullmastiff named Blaze.
  • Bullmastiffs have appeared in films such as Turner and Hooch, and The Hound of the Baskervilles.
  • Sylvester Stallone used one of his own bullmastiffs in the film Rocky.

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