Personal Checks Security Features

With the everyday advances in technology and the availability of high-tech equipment to consumers, it is becoming easier for scammers and con artists to steal someone’s identity or use their personal checks for withdrawing whatever amounts they want. But as the bad guys keep coming up with new ways to cheat security and anti-fraud systems, on the other hand security experts try to make whatever services you use as secure as possible in order not to give a chance to anyone who would take advantage of whatever loopholes there might be.

Several organizations offer services of verifying that checks printed by printing companies have a minimum number of security features and that the printing company is following recommended security guidelines in the printing and issuing processes of its checks. These organizations print certain symbols, like padlocks, on the checks to assure the user that the check has the minimum number of security features. If your printing company does not issue checks with such symbols, you might want to ask about the security guidelines they are following with their printed checks and whether they have been verified some other way by one of these organizations.

Some of the checks security features used when printing checks is using chemically sensitive paper for printing. This paper feels different than normal paper and will produce stains and spots on the check whenever someone tries to modify what is written on the check or erase what has been written on the check through check washing. There are also watermarks or micro security printing on the checks which will not show up on a photocopy of your check, only on the original document. Some printing companies also use security ink which is not visible except under black light, and will further assure you that no one can use your checks for any purpose other than you intended and also makes it difficult for your checks to be reproduced without your authorization.

To further avoid any fraudulent activities that might be done using your checks, security experts advise users to limit the amount of information they have on their checks in order to limit the possibility of identity theft. Information like your home address or phone number are not really needed on your personal checks, just include the minimum information necessary on your checks in order not to make it easier for someone to steal your information and use it the wrong way.

Always remember to only disclose your personal information and order your personal checks from reliable printing companies that guarantee adding different security features to your checks. It helps if their checks and their printing process have been verified by an independent organization that offers such services.

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