Tech Savvy? Use Mint to Create and Stick To A Realistic Budget Plan

Last week, I walked you through various “Steps of Creating a Realistic Budget Plan“. If you own a smartphone or tablet, you might want to use a personal finance app to create your budget without pulling your hair. Here comes Mint, a free personal finance app that makes budgeting extremely simple and easy. It also…

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Step by Step Guide To Create A Realistic Budget: Part-2

Last week we talked about budgeting basics. For people who create a budget, it may not be the most exciting stuff in the world, but it helps them maintain their financial house in order. Just keep in mind while preparing your budget that you need to provide as much detailed information as possible. Here is…

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Budgeting Basics To Help You Create a Budget: Part-1

Whether you realize it or not, knowing the budgeting basics is necessary to manage your money effectively. The very basic concept of personal finance is you earn money, and then you spend that money. It involves budgeting on a regular basis. When you get to spend your income on something, you already know that you…

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Planning To Consolidate Your Debt? Beware Of the Underlying Dangers

When you are burdened under heavy debt from a number of creditors, people or debt consolidation companies will persuade you to consolidate your debt. Hold on! Debt consolidation, which allows you to take out one loan to pay off all others, may not always be the most viable option for your financial needs. Though it…

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