How To Improve Your Credit Score In Just Three Months

People with a poor credit history are usually required to pay higher interest rates on future loans. What is the surest way to improve your credit score in the shortest possible time? Well, there isn’t any magic wand, and no single strategy can make it happen. You can improve your score in as little as three months…

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Learn About The Identity Theft Protection Programs

People have asked me time and again if there are any good identity theft protection programs, and I tell them again and again that there is none. Even FTC warns you that most of these identity protection programs offer services at a fee that you can do for yourself without spending a dime. However, sometimes…

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The Common Man’s Guide To Identity Theft Prevention

Wondering why identity theft prevention is so important? Well, what will you do if your banker calls you to inform that the entire money from your savings account has been withdrawn? Or, what if somebody gets his hands on your Social Security Number, opens several financial accounts and obtains heavy loans under your name? These…

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