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Customized Personal Checks

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

If you’re all out of checks and are thinking of ordering a few boxes, consider ordering personal checks with customized designs. It might not seem like something you would normally spend money on, but people everywhere are starting to personalize their checks with whatever designs or themes they want at very reasonable prices. Whether you are a businessman, a doctor, a lawyer, it doesn’t really matter, customized personal checks can be very useful and fun for everyone who uses them.


Order Personal Checks to Conduct Financial Transactions in a Unique Trendy Way

Monday, June 20th, 2011

These days, checks are becoming the most common way of doing financial transactions. Whether you want to pay your electricity or telephone bill or want to pay any of your business liability, checks are considered as the safest mode for doing payments. With the passage of time, advancement in every field of life brought modifications in the checks as well and now checks are coming in more personalized form. People prefer to order personalized checks to show their individuality and uniqueness. Moreover, they bring elegance, refinement and show the good taste of the holder. Apart from it, if you are a business entity then personal checks can promote your business as well. These checks help to create and maintain a professional image with the rest of the business word.


All New Personal Checks Fast Website

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

After a long overdue revamping of Personal Checks Fast we are now underway to a new and improved website. We say under way because we are going to continuously be modifying it to suite our visitors needs. You asked we listened and are taking numerous strides to giving you exactly what you wanted. We are continually adding new (more…)

Float A Check…Not Anymore!

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

Consumers need to be aware of this since this could save you money or it could cost you money in the future. Retailers can now process your personal checks electronically so they now clear much faster than in the past. Its call B.O.C. and it stands for “Back Office Conversion.”

It’s based off the ACH network, which is used for payroll direct deposit transactions. Personal checks are now scanned and converted into an electronic format that can be transferred to a bank via phone lines and processed quickly. This transfer is not as quick as a debit transaction but if you pay by check today you can (more…)