How To Improve Your Credit Score In Just Three Months

People with a poor credit history are usually required to pay higher interest rates on future loans. What is the surest way to improve your credit score in the shortest possible time? Well, there isn’t any magic wand, and no single strategy can make it happen. You can improve your score in as little as three months…

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How To Get A Home Equity Loan With Bad Credit

Last week I walked you through the basics of home equity loans. There are thousands of people with bad credit, and they all have a big question – how to get a home equity loan? A poor credit score (lower than 600) is a big obstacle in acquiring any type of loan. A home equity loan…

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What Is A Home Equity Loan?

Many people ask me what is a home equity loan. Many others confuse it with the basic refinance where you pay off your existing mortgage by replacing it with another loan. Basically, it is a second loan (your mortgage is the first one) that you take on your house. While your mortgage (the first loan)…

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Learn About The Identity Theft Protection Programs

People have asked me time and again if there are any good identity theft protection programs, and I tell them again and again that there is none. Even FTC warns you that most of these identity protection programs offer services at a fee that you can do for yourself without spending a dime. However, sometimes…

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Tech Savvy? Use Mint to Create and Stick To A Realistic Budget Plan

Last week, I walked you through various “Steps of Creating a Realistic Budget Plan“. If you own a smartphone or tablet, you might want to use a personal finance app to create your budget without pulling your hair. Here comes Mint, a free personal finance app that makes budgeting extremely simple and easy. It also…

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Step by Step Guide To Create A Realistic Budget: Part-2

Last week we talked about budgeting basics. For people who create a budget, it may not be the most exciting stuff in the world, but it helps them maintain their financial house in order. Just keep in mind while preparing your budget that you need to provide as much detailed information as possible. Here is…

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Budgeting Basics To Help You Create a Budget: Part-1

Whether you realize it or not, knowing the budgeting basics is necessary to manage your money effectively. The very basic concept of personal finance is you earn money, and then you spend that money. It involves budgeting on a regular basis. When you get to spend your income on something, you already know that you…

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Small Business Marketing Ideas That Work!

The economy is still under turmoil, and thousands of small businesses across the United States are trying to cut their marketing expenditures. People are consistently looking for the low cost, but effective small business marketing ideas. Growing a small business in such an economy is really hard. But let me tell you that you don’t…

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What Is A Mutual Fund and How To Invest In Them Successfully

Many people don’t even know what is a mutual fund, let alone investing in them. If you are one of them, don’t worry because you are going to learn everything about them. A mutual fund is an investment firm run by professional money managers. They collect money from thousands of investors like you, and then…

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