Avoid Stale Dated Checks by Ordering Right Quantity of Personal Checks

How many checks should you order online? It really depends on how often you use your personal checks. If you pay for everything using your personal checks or you conduct your business transactions with mostly checks, you might want to order enough quantity to keep you covered for a while. But you have to maintain the balance between the frequency of your consumption of the checks and the amount of checks you tend to order to determine if a large quantity is going to be unused for a long time.

Although sometimes it might seem tempting to order a large quantity of your favorite design of personal checks in order to benefit from whatever offers the printing company might be giving you and also to save yourself the trouble of having to make a new order often, you need to make sure that you are ordering only what you need and not get carried away. Because other than the fact that you need to spend your money only where it is actually needed, checks that are more than six months old are a bit of a headache for both the issuer and the person taking the money. It is true that unused checks do not expire in the traditional way that we know, but unused checks that are more than six months old are referred to as stale dated checks. When a bank receives a stale check, it either bounces it or deposits it even if you don’t want it deposited anymore and either way the bank is not to blame, you are the one who issued a stale check even if you were not aware of the risks. In case you want to prevent the deposit of your stale check, you can issue a stop order, but you will have to pay a fee for such order. So, to save yourself the real headache of having to deal with old unused checks and bank procedures and all that, just don’t order checks which you expect will stay unused for that long a period. Order enough for your short-term needs and I am sure that printing companies have even better bargains for regular customers that will give you some motivation the next time you make an order.

So, in order to be on the safe side, when deciding on the quantity you are going to order start by determining the quantity you need for the coming months and then set your reorder point, the point where you will have enough checks to cover you until you make your next order and it arrives. That will help you spend your money on your actual needs and give you enough time to refill your checkbook before you are out of checks.

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