The Common Man’s Guide To Identity Theft Prevention

Wondering why identity theft prevention is so important? Well, what will you do if your banker calls you to inform that the entire money from your savings account has been withdrawn? Or, what if somebody gets his hands on your Social Security Number, opens several financial accounts and obtains heavy loans under your name? These…

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How To Manage Your Personal Finances During Economic Downturn

The economy is going through a rough patch, and millions of Americans are struggling to manage their personal finances. People have seen recession, downturn, slumping economy and skyrocketing unemployment rate for several years. You can overcome the tough economic times through budgeting and money management. Learning to manage your finances benefits you in two ways:…

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Planning To Consolidate Your Debt? Beware Of the Underlying Dangers

When you are burdened under heavy debt from a number of creditors, people or debt consolidation companies will persuade you to consolidate your debt. Hold on! Debt consolidation, which allows you to take out one loan to pay off all others, may not always be the most viable option for your financial needs. Though it…

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